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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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on women? that's a good point. luke, georgia. isn't march women's history month but judge jackson can't define a woman? it's just... history month. that's it. brian from virginia. jesse, i'd like to audition to be the new johnny. we have a johnny! tucker is next. see you soon. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. we are trying to find things to be happy about and if you look hard enough there are a lot of them. one of the best things about a supreme court confirmation hearing is that you get to see the u.s. senate in action and this is new. you know that the senate has 100 members, and you know that they are somehow important. they are in the constitution. they wear dark suits and ties to
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work. they talk about laws. every summer they fly to foreign countries and act like they are president. some of them you may know by name. the famous ones, chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell. of course, the ones you see on your ballot every six years, they'll let you know. do you really know these people? who are they really? what are they like? if you happen to live next door to one or you watch an inordinate amount of c-span, that's why confirmation hearings are so great. you get to see u.s. senators in their natural habitat. confirmations are underway right now for a biden appointee called ketanji jackson. world-renowned legal genius for reasons that are still not clear it can determine what a woman is. told about that to you last night. so far the star has not been ketanji jackson. it has been a junior senator from new jersey called cory booker.
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like ketanji jackson, cory booker is a world-class legal notonly attended stanford and ye law school, but went all the way to oxford university in england on a coveted rhodes scholarship. quite the resume. if academic credentials still had connection to the ability for achievement, cory booker would be a very impressive person. in this case, we'll have to grade on a curve because cory booker has come a long way. cory booker has been to a world you've never been to. a hard unforgiving world of crime, dk cory booker is from the streets of new york. "i still remember my first month on the street," he said. "i walked up to this charismatic black guy my age called t-bone who is one of the drug lords. he leapt up in front of me, walked in the eye, and said, who the blank do you think you are a question mark if you look at me again, i'll put a cap in your
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ass. delma." as joe biden said, he was a bad dude. the two became close? united by a common love of the street. strategy struck. by this book, cory booker was the mayor of new york. as booker later recalled was saddened and the rift where inches, sat there, but i felt so alienated that there was a golf as wide as the grand canyon between us and i could not reach out to save this young man. we drove back to a housing project and i've never seen him again since that day. that's a poignant story. but cory booker isn't alone. no one has seen t-bone since that day. no one has ever seen t-bone at any point ever because t-bone doesn't exist. as we later learned, t-bone is a fictional character.
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cory booker made him up entirely. but cory booker didn't stop there. he also invented his own identity. it turns out cory booker is not a product the streets of newark. he's a blue-eyed rich kid from an all-white suburb. his parents were ibm executives. you have to concede that whatever else he is, cory booker is a remarkable actor. he's the jussie smollett of democratic politics. a fraud, yes. but a deeply committed one. a man who has honed his skill and his skills on full display this week as booker has demoted all over ketanji jackson she's part of the oppressed lass too, she went to harvard law school. they have a lot in common paired watch the solidarity. >> your family and you speak to service, service, service. i'm telling you right now, i'm not letting anybody in the senate steal my joy. i told you this in the
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beginning. i'm embarrassed. it happened earlier today. i just look at you and i start getting full of emotion. you didn't get here because of some dark money groups. you got here how every black woman in america who has gotten anywhere has done, by being... like ginger rogers said. "i did everything fred astaire did but backwards in heels." they will call you this, this pair you share a birthday, they'll call you a communist! don't worry about my sister. don't worry. god has got you. >> tucker: did we make that up? did we create that? that actually happened in the united states. service, service, service! that's what we call hargett
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striving. but the best is at the end. "don't worry, my sister." wait a second, they are related? they are in some hard to define spiritual sense. they have seen each other in whole foods on their way to anchor town for these two pioneers have followed identical paths. both grew up in white collar families, went to multiple elite schools. none of them has left the tiny world of npr listeners who run this country. it's been a struggle for both of them. but they made it. they'll be sick and tired, sick and tired. watch. >> again, i'm in my joy. i can't help it. the president is to who we nominate. we've had glances which we've known for years at times. i try to get up to the president what it means, what it means...
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and i want to tell you that when i look at you, that's when i get emotional. it's hard not to look at you and not see my mom, not to see my cousins. one of them who had to come here and sit behind you. she had to have your back. i see my ancestors in yours. nobody is going to steal of that joy of the woman in the street or the calls i'm getting or the texts. nobody is going to steal that joy. you have earned this spot. you are worthy. today, you are my star. you are my harbinger of hope. >> tucker: that's not jussie smollett? did you see the footage from the sentencing? it's exactly jussie smollett.
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you can also acknowledge that it is art. the best part, cory booker and kamala harris share a knowing glance. it's the recognition of the totally fraudulent. it's easy to enjoy all this. imagine if you worked at, say, cnn. or nbc news. but you had to pretend that was apathetic seen. to observe a reality, that people who went to ivy league schools are somehow oppressed. you wouldn't want to acknowledge any of that. cory booker slobbered all over the nominee, you wouldn't be able to say any of that. you've got to figure out a way to ignore it in our media
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dutifully did. >> cory booker had no questions, really. he just offered an extraordinary ex-temporary set of the marks. >> that moment has kind of ruled the day after what was really republicans hijacking so much of this hearing. >> what we thought senator booker do is something that is deeply touching in a way because we know how deeply disrespected black women could be. >> it's bringing tears to my eyes, tears to my eyes yesterday. senator booker said was the god's honest truth. >> there are a lot of black women who watch cory booker and say this is someone who came to really give her the sort of flowers that she deserved. >> tucker: you should know that not one of the people you just saw is oppressed, not one of them has anything at all in common with the people they claim to speak for.
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so they are to a person every bit as fraudulent as the people on stage, telling you from the peak meritocracy that they are somehow "fighting against the currents!" of course, the opposite is true. imagine the reserve of energy to take as a news man after this that we've seen that was horrifying. anything so fake that the hair on the back of your neck goes up, almost like telling you that leah thomas is a deeply accomplished female swimmer who is winning because she practice harder. a lot of the black woman who watch that loved it! said one nbc journalist. the person can't define what a woman is. it's easy to make fun of, but the problem is they are appraising a sitting committee member asking zero questions during a confirmation hearing
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during which we are choosing the next supreme court justice. they are saying it's immoral because of the way she looks to ask her questions before she takes a seat we give away for life. it's the grid at the merck player. you throw someone up there who represents their views because anyone who questions a person is mean, racist, sexist, pick your attack. but the person is immune from sincere questions. and yet somehow it gets even more nauseating. the editorial board saw that and decided that it didn't go far enough so they publish this yesterday. "republicans boast that they have not pulled off a kavanaugh. they have treated jackson you'll see that the editorial board is aghast of asking
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ketanji about kid porn, low sentences with the guidelines that were written before the internet. now that people can amass huge amounts, the guidelines are too strict bear that was honestly her explanation. you agree with it, maybe you don't. tell us a legal printable behind it if you would become a judge. even if you agree, we shouldn't have the stuff on kiddy porn, it's certainly fair to ask about it in a supreme court hearing? for comparison's sake and we didn't want to go here but we can't control ourselves, this is how he doesn't agree with. he told us at the time that bright kavanaugh was so odious, so morally filthy, so satanic that anybody who could vote for his nomination was guilty of a
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mortal sin. watch. >> in the moral moment, there are no by standards. you are either complicit in the evil, contributing to the wrong, or you are fighting against it. >> tucker: the fake princess and the fake cleric... if you want to take a survey of the people most likely to give you a moral lecture at your moral shortcomings, they would be the people whose personal lives can withstand the lightest scrutiny, if you know what we mean. that's very consistent. anyway, no one has used language like that to describe opponents of ketanji jackson's, even though he let out of jail with three months hate to bring it up at this is what it looked like. >> judge kavanaugh, you drink on
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weekdays in high school as well is weekends. >> weekdays? i say that's rare. during the school year? speak of the calendars you provide during these dates. >> the summer after a football workout -- >> did you drink on weekdays? yes or no, sir? >> in the summer when we went over to timmy's house on july 1st, that would indicate yes. >> in other words, that july 1st reference for "skis," that was brewskis, right? >> tucker: that's the guy lecturing you about god. like all phony people, you see a glimpse of cruelty underneath. what's funny is brett kavanaugh had to answer the questions but not that it mattered in the end, it wouldn't have mattered what he said. for ketanji brown jackson not explaining what a woman is. that question is above the
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paygrade of the u.s. supreme court! maybe we are thought to think of women as an archetype, pastiche. women are like t-bone, the baddest in newark. next thing you know can you drop him off at the housing project and they are gone forever. brandon columnist for"the new york post" joins us to assess. i hate to say, cory booker is... is just weird to see how seriously that kind of embarrassment, it's taken by suppose adults. >> it's a big charade. it's like the emperor's new clothes. no one is willing to call out the absurdity. talking about t-bone, has anybody seen t-bone and corn pop in the same room? they sound very familiar. the thing about cory booker and his performance, you played that
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bit that was really the whole point of it which is when he's trying to claim her nomination and talking about being in the office with the president when he was deciding and looking into kamala harris's eyes, he was just boastful. they are making himself the story. you look at that and you think it's so patronizing to a woman with great accomplishments. he is there patronizing her and you wonder if you would do the same if you were a man. and... it's not... this is just not some identity politics trophy. this is a lifetime appointment to the supreme court and he has turned it into an oscar speech
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for himself. it's just sickening and the fact that both cnn anchors and the rest of them are still reading him seriously instead of laughing at him, he should be laughed at because that kind of behavior in a senator is gross ultimately. >> tucker: you're absolutely right to note the narcissism at the bottom of it because that's what it's always about. no one is interested in helping corn pop or t-bone, it's about themselves. good to see you. >> thanks so much, tucker. >> tucker: it was really a moment in the history of confirmation hearings. our new supreme court nominee can tell you what a woman is but she's not alone. many democrats can't. we told you about one woman who can. here she is. >> i'm not a vet but i know what a dog is. >> tucker: we have found her.
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she's joining us next.
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>> tucker: it feels like the other day you had to believe all women because women never lie. it's they are different biologically. no one can define what a woman
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is, not even people who want to sit on our supreme court and if you try to define them you get in big trouble. we are still locked out of our twitter account for affirming the obvious, biological sex is set at birth. no one in history doubted that because it's true. some people are still willing to say that. one woman watching as leah thomas, who is a man, wins a women swimming competition. >> that is not a woman. >> my god... i'm not a vet but i know what a dog is. >> tucker: we said we try to find a woman. her name is kelly keene and we are happy to have her join us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you so much. >> you are not afraid to say what is true. why are you not afraid?
5:24 pm
>> i think it's my duty. because it needs to be said. i'm 100% sure that i have to say it. many people in position, otherwise >> tucker: that's exactly right. but why is this important? there are a lot of fake things going on, you stand on the specific issue. how come? >> if you can't no longer defined what a woman is, our language is muted all over the place. in the u.k. and i'm sure the u.s., they call us men straight they had togive up language to . there are people allowed to be called women these days are actually men.
5:25 pm
>> tucker: far be it for me to weigh in on what it must be like as a woman, but it must seem degrading. >> it is ultimately really sexist. the most pernicious sexism, that's what's happening to women all over the world. >> tucker: why aren't people who say they have the interest of women at heart standing up and saying, no, you can't pretend that being a woman is as simple as changing her clothes? >> this i've thought about long and hard. i think it comes to cowardice. i think it comes to cultlike mentality. i think these people are brainwashed. they are experiencing truckloads of cognitive dissonance. i've talked to many girls outside of the swimming pools who, you know, you set the question. "what is a woman" where they
5:26 pm
literally would not speak. it's really sinister. >> tucker: it is sinister because it seems like the biggest organized bullying campaign against a population ever organized. did anybody at the meat say, wait a minute, that's cheating. this man is cheating, that's what it is. >> i don't think anyone dared say it. that's why i really felt that i had to say something. it's just this oppressive silence. everybody knew that there was a man in the pool racing with the girls. everybody knew it. those who knew it wouldn't say it. but the person in front of me is quite happy to say he was definitely a woman. it was really scary. fantastic that you talk about this quite a lot, tucker, because so many are simply too afraid. >> tucker: i could care less how you dress or call yourself.
5:27 pm
but this isn't liberation. it's the dark ages. you remain cheerful throughout of it. >> thank you. >> tucker: there are u.s. funded biolab's in ukraine -- wait, what? don't ask. you are a tool of putin. you just told us you funded biolab pluralists in ukraine and didn't take out we found out exactly what this is about and we did. we'll tell you after the break. music
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there are thousands more innocent women, children and elderly, trapped in ukraine, seeking safety and freedom. your donation of any amount will be used to save jewish lives. every donation helps. i'm asking you to help us help the jewish people of ukraine now. donate today at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and god bless the jewish people.
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>> tucker: remember the biolab story? victoria newlin, the under secretary of state that oversees ukraine, mentioned that there are u.s. funded biolabs and whatever in there is so dangerous she's worried it'll fall in the wrong hands.
5:33 pm
we saw the tape and we were really surprised. we never heard anything like this before. biolab pluralists in ukraine? why? we brought it up on air and asked among other things why didn't they secure was ever in these labs before the russians we were denounced by reporters as disloyal agents of vladimir putin. they accused us of repeating discredited disinformation about the existence of bio weapons in ukraine and they knew this because the pentagon handed them a fact sheet. we didn't even mention bio weapons. we just asked what victoria newlin said in the senate and asked what it meant. what is the truth here? why are we paying for biolabs in ukraine of all places. what's the purpose of it? we start a poking around to find out. we did paid we spoke to someone who knows the answer to this
5:34 pm
question. someone with the right knowledge of the topic. turns out our government for some time funded biolabs in ukraine and research on, yes, biological weapons. this is not a conspiracy theory. it's true. so why is the u.s. government doing this in ukraine? the answer is no one wants to do biological weapon research in the u.s. underground at the army's ground outside salt lake city. after a series of accidents and controversy, the government decided to do bio weapon research offshore. ukraine among other countries was a perfect place to relocate. because ukraine is not a democracy, the ukrainian government can host all the bio weapons research it wants, nothing ordinary ukrainians can do about it. that's the truth. we are not shocked that the government is lying about this. a bio weapons program is by definition a national security matter.
5:35 pm
you did not expect full transparency. that's okay. what we are shocked by is the biden administration's willingness to attack anyone who presses them for answers as an agent of a hostile foreign power. we will accuse you of treason. that's over the top. that's their m.o. not just the white house, but the toadies in the press corps who do their bidding. denouncing american citizens as disloyal for telling the truth. there is more to the story. how much more, we are not sure. but reporting tonight that apparently a private equity firm run by hunter biden funded some of the research into pathogens at these biolabs. we know it's legitimate to ask what it means. why wouldn't it be? you are not a russian agent repeating discredited dated putin talking points if you ask. you are a good citizen. we will continue to ask and we hope others will too.
5:36 pm
we can't help but notice the very same people talking about democracy in ukraine are still holding americans in prison in this country for what are essentially political -- that's true. she's with american greatness, julie kelly joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. all of us hope for ukraine to be free and democratic. it's just interesting the people who are lecturing about human rights in the eastern rites in europe are lecturing us over here. is that an overstatement? >> not at all. the silence of the democrats and the usual people like mitt romney, they have all been silent by the fact, in the fact that the justice department, joe biden's justice department has sought pretrial detention for at least
5:37 pm
100 americans for their participation in the events of january 6th. nearly 80 of those americans still are behind bars might deny the opportunity to post bail, and the same justice department delays their trial into the middle or towards the end of this year. that means there will be some men who have been behind bars for almost two years, not convicted of any crime, never presented any evidence to decide, simply held and denied bail because they are trump supporters who protested the election of joe biden on januar. >> tucker: as murderers and rapists run free. this is obviously a human rights violation. no other way to describe this. is there any body to which they can complain? i'd hate to appeal to the u.n. but if republicans won't even stand up to their behalf, who else is there to go to at this
5:38 pm
point? >> there is nowhere for these defendants to go peer they are being targeted and persecuted by this justice department. you have judges on the district court, judges all the way from trump appointees to reagan appointees who are going along with the justice department, holding even nonviolent protesters, upwards of 18 months while they are delaying the trial letting the doj get away with this, refusing to turn over discovery materials to these defense attorneys? this is such a rig system. they can't get a fair jury in washington, d.c., as you know. they are trapped in this system and no one except for a few people including you, tucker, and a few people like marjorie taylor green, are speaking out about this unconstitutional, inhumane abuse of political protesters simply because they protested the election and are
5:39 pm
basically dissident pluralists of joe biden. >> tucker: quick legal question. could any of that money be used to get real legal representation for people sitting in jail because they attended a rally for him. would that be possible to do? >> yes, the appellee could and a lot of these people have public defenders, they have not been able to hire criminal attorneys. there has also been a huge vacuum in the republican party, not just people speaking up but actually coughing up money, coming up with lawyers and money to help these desperate people who are trapped and have nowhere else to turn and our political leaders are for the most part have completely abandon these americans. >> tucker: human rights violation. i appreciate you calling
5:40 pm
attention to it. >> thank you. >> tucker: d platforming happened yesterday. you aren't on twitter. you shouldn't be on twitter anyway. what happens when you get kicked out of your own back account or blocked from making receiving payments online. americans are now doing that next.
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>> tucker: the biden administration is encouraging
5:46 pm
the rest of the world to ignore american law and come here illegally and as a result of that nearly 200,000 illegal migrants arrived at this border to this country every month. the volume is overwhelming our facilities. how is the administration dealing with this. build millage in the single best reporter on this question for a year. has found that the dhs is releasing huge numbers of cuban nationals, venezuelans, nicaraguans and what they call a humanitarian parole. build the lujan senior biden officialsauthorizis release. this is completely illegal. this is the white house encouraging felons. haven't seen that in a while. ever. parole can only be used for urgent humanitarian situations.
5:47 pm
the biden a administration is given parole to tens of thousands of illegal aliens and dropping them off in the u.s. who is suffering? americans. people in the town of vivaldi texas. the mayor says it is now flooded with migraines. pick the city because it's a bus stop. the local news report on what he's seen. >> this is what mayor donald alvey saw this morning. >> people in the community are fed up. >> 100 young men and women gotten four large passenger buses bound for san antonio. told to expect up to 150 people to be released each day. >> tucker: we been talking to mayor don mclaughlin for almost a year now. we are happy to have them on again tonight. mr. mayor, thanks so much for coming on. how is your >> we been doing pretty good between fighting the pandemic
5:48 pm
and now the surge of illegal aliens. it's wild or worse than it has ever been. with the border patrol releasing migrants out of town, it's just ridiculous. on top of that, we have the pursuit through town. we don't know which way to turn andy miller. it just totally crazy. >> tucker: how can the white house do this to you? you are born in this country, the citizens in your town or suffering because of this. how can they crush your town like that? you couldn't buy a ticket out on the bus. they are releasing in texas
5:49 pm
right now, 63 miles from vivaldi theyare releasing 30,000 peoplea day into the community. same thing at del rio. they are in people's yards and that's what we are trying to prevent from happening in eovaldi. it's almost like these immigrants have more rights than we do >> tucker: spanish-speaking relatives in mexico, the white house tells us they love this stuff. with the people you represent think about it? we have wonderful families wh did migrate and came in the right way and they are fed up with it. they are tired of the open door, let them come in, they are very frustrated. >> tucker: when you say it's a powder keg that could blow up,
5:50 pm
what do you mean? >> here's the problem. you bring the people into a community like uvaldi. about 8:00, 9:00, there ain't anything open but convenience stores. crime rates are up, i'm not going to chalk it up to illegal immigration but part of it is. they are going to be in people's neighborhoods or in their cars or on the front porch charging the phone walking up plugging their phone in. like they owned the place. you can't tell them they can't charge their phone. when that happens, somebody is going to get hurt and i hope it doesn't happen but i really feel worried that it is. >> tucker: i can assure you the white house doesn't care about you or anyone in the town. i appreciate you speaking up. mr. mayor, don mclaughlin, thank you.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: people are trying to figure out ways to control your money and the finances of private citizens. that has come to mean shutting down the current orthodoxy. he has seen this, he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. what are you worried about what's happening here? >> so many people come when your show, the best show on tv, they come on the talk about how terrible everything is. i get it. there's a lot of material. female supreme court nominee who doesn't know what a woman is. joe biden and kamala harris, neither of them can form a coherent sentence. here in arizona, wells fargo debanked a friend of mine because he's a conservative. i get it, there's a lot of bad stuff. i exley wanted to come on and give a bit of good news. based on what i'm seeing on the
5:52 pm
campaign trail, people are tired of this. they are pushing back. dare say, they are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore. >> tucker: there's too much control over everything. technology has been harnessed by a political party to suppress any dissent. our people picking up on this? >> absolutely. you have candidates talking about it. i know the biden economy is tanking. we are seeing a wave of candidates who like president trump just speaking directly to the people. people are so tired of cookie-cutter politicians. in my campaign, there was a hit piece "the new york times" rode, they said my campaign video sounded too much like you, and i think i'm over the target. the democrats have a fund-raising machine. my campaign released a new series of nfts based on art from the best-selling book i wrote with peter thiel.
5:53 pm
we are using nfts as a way to get people involved. you can would make dinner with me and peter. it should be fun and exciting to put faith in politics. if that sounds good, go to lake >> tucker: last question. republicans are dissatisfied with the leadership of the party. will they actually vote in the primary? >> what i'm seeing on the ground is nothing i could've imagined. people need to know that we need to fight for this country. i mean that figure to believe but literally fight for it if it comes to it. did you see the poll that came out that if america were invaded tomorrow, two-thirds of democrats say they would flee instead of fight to defend this country. what is that? that's despicable. this is our country. our kids are going to live here, their kids are going to live here. that's what is at stake. that's what we are fighting for. >> tucker: peaceful happy place. some promise. people are nice, basically
5:54 pm
united. lake masters, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we will be right back.
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all of this is humanitarian aid that the fellowship is sending from israel directly into ukraine. food, medicine, warm clothing is needed now! lives abruptly changed... look at all of these people and there are hundreds and thousands more. we're called to step into this crisis... this inhumanity. the international fellowship of christians and jews needs your $45 gift now to help rush food, blankets and shelter to jewish refugees fleeing for lives in ukraine. please give as generously as you can, to help the refugees while there is still time. this is one plane, praise god! but we need 5 planes. we need 10 planes. we need 100 planes! you can give $45 now
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to help provide the food, and blankets that they so urgently need! >> tucker: justin trudeau ends democracy in canada. he goes to the european parliament of complain that vladimir putin is a threat to democracy. here is german member of parliament christina masterson >> it's more appropriate to address his house according to article 144 which was defined to debate by relations of human rights, democracy, and the rule of law, which is clearly the case with mr. trudeau. a prime minister who openly admires the chinese dictatorship who trembles on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists because they dare to stand up to his perverted
6:00 pm
concept of democracy should not be allowed to speak in this house. at all. mr. trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy. please spare us your presence. thank you. >> tucker: she is a hero! another representative from croatia that says that canada is a symbol of civil rights violations. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we begin with a fox news alert. tonight we are more than one month into putin's bloody invasion into ukraine and yet russia's murdering thug has nothing to show for his efforts except a lot of dead soldiers, faltering economy, blood all over his hands because of the brutal and indiscriminate bombings that have leveled entire cities and neighborhoods, almost the entire city of mariupol. look at your screen. a port city occupied by russia


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